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Hello strangers! You’re probably wondering just what excuse I have for neglecting this blog for the last several months. Well, I was busy planning the final touches on our wedding and honeymoon. Jay and I were married May 26th and since it was a do-it-yourself event, we were in the thick of things during April and May. It turned out amazing and I must say I had the time of my life. We had friends and family there for a whole weekend party and it was amazing to spend time with them, laugh, eat, drink, reminisce and generally be merry. It couldn’t have turned out better and I’m so thankful for those that made the trip to be with us! As far as my excuse for not writing after May 26th—I’ll blame that on laziness.

After the wedding we went to Kauai for our honeymoon. It truly is the Garden Isle—incredibly beautiful beaches, rivers, lagoons, mountains, food and people. Each morning we’d go out to the jeep for our daily adventure to find plumeria flowers everywhere—on the ground, on the jeep, and finding their way into my hair.

We tasted a lot of great food at Smith’s Family Luau, Plantation Gardens, Bubba’s Burgers and lots of other cool places. On our first day there, we found a little place called TC’s that had the best chicken teriyaki. Chicken teriyaki is high on my list of fave foods and I consider myself quite the teriyaki snob. I don’t even remember what the chicken tasted like, or the rice or the salad that came with it, but that teriyaki sauce was amazing. It was so good I bought 20 gallons and went back to the condo and bathed in it. Okay, obviously I didn’t do something so ridiculous. But I thought about it.

There were a few times when we were out and about in Kauai that I thought about my grandparents. They’d taken a vacation to Hawaii when I was young. I tried to imagine what my grandparents would’ve experienced during their visit to this tropical paradise and hoped they enjoyed it as much as we did.

My grandparents were awesome and my Grandma Coen was the sweetest little thing. We loved visiting her and B.K. in Benicia; most weekend visits would turn into a full-fledged weekend of cousins and aunts and uncles and dinners and pinochle and Creature Features and sleepovers. If Grandma ended up with a crowd at the house, she’d usually whip up a batch of Elbow Macaroni and Red Sauce. Still one of my favorites.

One time we went to visit Grandma and Grandpa after they returned from that trip to Hawaii. Grandma and Grandpa always brought us souvenirs from their trips. They didn’t travel often (that cost money and Grandpa liked to save his), but when they did, they always thought of the grandkids. One time they bought us bracelets with different gemstone nuggets from Arizona. Once they brought us gold-plated necklaces from Mexico. And after they visited Hawaii they brought back some cool t-shirts for us. Mine had a lovely palm tree, ocean waves and a setting sun. Tracy’s had a lovely plant and a saying underneath that read, “Pakalolo—the pause that refreshes.” Whoa … hold on there a second Grandma. Paka-what?? I was only in 8th grade at the time, but I knew what that plant with the five spiky leaves was. My sweet little Grandma had picked out a t-shirt for my older sister featuring Mary Jane. Marijuana. Ganja. Reefer. Weed. Okay, you get the picture. My sister and I looked at each other and had to hold our breath so our parents wouldn’t hear us laugh out loud and come over and notice what that t-shirt was all about. And Tracy wanted that shirt. That would mean instant coolness at school—back when you could wear t-shirts with shameless slogans and indecent pictures and the principal wouldn’t call the police on you. Not that anyone in our junior high actually indulged in those spiky little leaves, but it rated a 10 on the Cool Scale to sport a shirt featuring that plant (or Led Zeppelin or that “Keep on Trucking” guy). My little Grandma had no clue what she had purchased, she just said, “Isn’t that a pretty plant?” And we said, “Yes, Grandma. Yes it is.” And Tracy couldn’t wait to tell her friends at school that her own Grandma bought her a t-shirt with a pot plant on it.


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