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Hey! Friday Night Casserole hit 10,113 visits, and as promised, someone who shared, liked or commented in the last few weeks gets a fancy prize! But it’s not a chicken dinner. Besides, if you’ve paid attention to any of the chicken recipes I’ve posted on this blog, you certainly wouldn’t want one of those, especially Chicken Cacciatore.

So what’s the fancy prize you ask? First, let’s announce the winner. I put all the names (over 30 entries … phew) in a hat and Jay chose the lucky winner, who is …

wait for it …

drum roll please …

Dave Aguirre!



Congrats Dave, you win a $20 gift certificate to this place!


The Old Time Candy Company has all kinds of awesome candy you ate as a kid, and if you were me that would include a lot of Skittles, Charleston Chews, Wacky Wafers, Smarties, Blow Pops, Junior Mints, Bottle Caps, Marathon Bars, Bazooka Bubble Gum and Zotz.

Congrats again Dave! You get to take a trip down memory lane and indulge your sweet tooth! Send a message to messmaker7@yahoo.com with your preferred email and your gift certificate will be on its way!

So, should we do this contest again when FNC hits like, 13,777?


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I love green eggs and ham. You know, that fun children’s classic by Dr. Seuss. And I love actual green eggs — those fancy blue-green eggs laid by Araucanas chickens. At least I think that’s what those chickens are called. I love eggs and ham in general — especially when they’re placed on an English muffin and drowned in Hollandaise. But when eggs turn green because they’re mushed into a casserole with green stuff … well, that’s just wrong. I think you know where this is going.

The infamous Good Housekeeping’s Casserole Cook Book. I picked it up again to find another recipe to make fun of. It’s not hard to do. There were plenty of contenders as I flipped through: a certain liver recipe entitled “Columbus Casserole” (ohhh-kay?), a fancy entrée that called for 1-1/2 tablespoons of bottled meat sauce (hurl … what is THAT??), even a Tuna-Lemon Pie (don’t ask). But then I stumbled upon a recipe entitled “Ham ‘n’ Eggs.” Hmm. Sounds good, right? I mean, how can you mess up ham and eggs? Like this:


I won’t bother you with the preparation instructions. I’ll just show you the photo of the finished dish. Just pretend those deviled ham and packaged biscuit mix pinwheels on top are luscious cinnamon rolls. And ignore that green stuff oozing up to the surface.


I would not eat this in a box. I would not eat this with a fox (even if the fox was John Stamos). I would not eat this here or there. I would not eat this anywhere.

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My four-year-old niece, Addi, is a genius. She came up with a great new tagline for Friday Night Casserole. She didn’t realize it at the time, but nonetheless, I’m using it.

Her mom filmed her eating a piece of sour candy. Now, understand the munchkin likes sour candy … her Mom didn’t make her eat it. So here’s what happened … watch this video to see how she created my fancy new tagline:


Friday Night Casserole:  “Pretty Tasty … Kinda Sour”

I’ll add this one to my list of other taglines, or more specifically, to the only other tagline I’ve created so far: “Make It Fancy.” The catchy little phrases just might show up on t-shirts someday. People will come from miles around to get one.  For reasons they can’t even fathom. Oh … people will come, Ray. People will most definitely come.

So I’m close to hitting 10,000 visits to the blog. Yes, I realize many of those are repeaters, and probably 5,000 of them are my own visits, but who cares? In honor of the 10K visits, I’m giving away a cool prize.

Get one entry into this awesome contest by doing any (or all) of the following:

  • Like “Friday Night Casserole” on Facebook.
  • Subscribe to this fancy Friday Night Casserole blog.
  • (If you follow via RSS, send me an email, too (messmaker7@yahoo.com), as I won’t get a notification of who you are!).
  • Share an FNC post on Facebook.
  • Like a post from FNC on Facebook.
  • Add a comment on an FNC Facebook post.
  • Add a comment here on Friday Night Casserole.

You’ll get an entry for each of these you do.

Then, after all the FNC pimping, I’ll have Jay randomly pick a name from the group of entries, and the big winner will be announced when the blog hits, oh, say 10,113 … which could be soon. The lucky winner will receive a cool prize. Maybe it’ll be sour candy. Maybe it’ll be a tasty can of Spam. Maybe it’ll be my used VHS copy of “Field of Dreams.” But, it might be a fun gift card of actual value. Whatever it is, I’ll remember to make it fancy.

Thanks to all my supporters for a fun 2-1/2 years so far!

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