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Sometimes I want to write about something that has nothing to do with the ‘70s, or yucky recipes, or what Jay’s eating, or anything to do with casserole or food of any kind. So I asked my boss if I could blog about something else once in a while. She said, “Sure, go for it.” She’s pretty cool like that. So I decided to list my Top 10 Pet Peeves. And here they are.

My Top 10 Pet Peeves:

10.          Women who fan themselves with their hand to try to prevent themselves from crying.

9.            When I’m standing in line at the grocery store, and a new cashier arrives and says “Can I help the next person in line?” And the person behind me rushes over to the new line. And the cashier helps them. I’d really like to kick both their asses.

8.            When contestants on “The Price is Right” seek advice from the audience for some dumb game that has nothing to do with anything but sheer chance.

7.            That every realtor in the universe puts their photo on their marketing materials. Why would I care what a potential realtor looks like? Now, a photo for a potential doctor or day care provider — that would be nice.

6.            When the car in front of me hits their brakes … then their turn signal.

5.            When men say “that chick.” Um, she’s not a chicken, dude. And you’re not 16.

4.            When I have a few spare hours to watch TV, I can find at least three movies starring Steven Seagal, and at least two reality shows starring Vanilla Ice – yet nothing with Meryl Streep.

3.            People who don’t say “Thank You” when you hold a door open for them.

2.            Idiots in the theater who talk during movies. Just … shut … the … hell … up … already.

And my Number One Top Ten Pet Peeve is

1.            The phrase “Pet Peeve.” It’s just silly.


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