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Okay, I know what you’re thinking. Big Mac Casserole must be some crazy thing my Mom made in the ‘70s. Wrong. Mary Ann never made any type of casserole with Big Macs in it (that I know of). Sure, plenty of Big Macs were consumed by my Dad and sisters, but there would never be any of those leftovers in the fridge to add to Friday Night Casserole at the end of the week. You know, I’ve never eaten a Big Mac in my whole life. I’m sure I’ve taken a little bite of a Big Mac once, but I must’ve blocked it out. I did indulge in a Filet O’ Fish or two. Or two hundred. That was my Mickey D’s request whenever we visited the Golden Arches.

Big Mac Casserole is something I learned about after I started this blog. See, I have a stats page that tells me how many visits there are to the blog each week (minimal), how many comments there are (very close to zero) and what types of keywords people search with that lead them to this earth-shattering blog. Guess what? The one keyword phrase that shows up almost every week is “Big Mac Casserole.” At first I thought it was hilarious; then I found it disturbing. Then I thought I’d capitalize on it. Hey, if Big Mac Casserole is searched on all the time, and it leads people to my blog, then I guess they deserve some Big Mac Casserole. Give the people what they want — Big Mac Casserole. I think I’ll say BIG MAC CASSEROLE a few more times and freak out the Google search spiders or whatever they’re called.

So, I realized if I asked Jay if I should make a Big Mac Casserole, he would say “YES PLEASE.” So I went out to Google to see what this Big Mac Casserole was all about.  Strangely, the first two results that popped up were from a fitness site and Weight Watchers. Ohhh – kay. Then I checked Google images. Well, that was a mistake. I wanted to post a few of the revolting pictures I found, but that would be insulting to the owners of the pictures when I said they all looked like Ronald McDonald threw up on a plate.

So really, Big Mac Casserole? What’s the appeal here? I mean, if you want a Big Mac, go get a Big Mac!! Why make a casserole out of it? Hmm … must be a ploy to get featured on my blog.

Suddenly I feel like Julie in “Julie and Julia” where Julie attempts to cook all of Julia Child’s recipes in a year. I think I need to make this Big Mac Casserole. Besides, Mary Ann would make it. But shudder — I’m certainly not gonna eat it. But Jay will. I just read the recipe; I’m kinda freaked out. But stay tuned. I promise to post pictures and let you know how it turned out. And I apologize in advance Julia.


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