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I think you may remember this fancy little book:

Yes, it’s the one I make fun of often. Is it a cook book? Joke book? Hard-copy version of ipecac syrup? I think it’s all three. And I scan it every so often to pick recipes to ridicule when I can’t summon any ’70s memories worth writing about. I’ve looked through this book a dozen times, and for some reason, never saw this recipe:


What the … ? And the poem above it? It’s the basic premise of Friday Night Casserole – except the ‘serve to your friends’ part. I’d like to keep my friends. Anyway, how did I miss this? Maybe the pages were stuck together with bile, or tears, and just recently dried. In the past, I probably just scanned the page, saw ‘potatoes’ or ‘onion’ and figured, “this recipe is fine,” and kept on flipping through the book to find others. But it’s not fine. Sure, meat, potatoes and onions is okay, but this recipe wants you to chop them up and then add milk. Milk. Yep, just checked again, it says ‘milk.’ Okay, I see the ‘or cream’ part, but still, that doesn’t make me feel any better. This recipe shouldn’t be called “Family Leftovers,” it should be called “Milk Soup.”

Thank God Mary Ann never made Milk Soup. Especially with the milk we drank growing up. But she definitely saw this poem somewhere (or wrote it).  “Fill up a dish with odds and with ends.” Yep, that’s actually the definition of Friday Night Casserole.

See, I found this entry in the dictionary:


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